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The Toothbrush Reinvented

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Meet Grin—the beautiful way to be eco-friendly twice a day. Our aluminum handle and replacement toothbrush heads are for busy people who love quality goods.


Feel good about brush heads that use 85% less plastic and give you a brighter smile.


Let us deliver fresh brush heads and remind you when they need replacing.


Stop brushing with old germs – Grin’s handle rinses clean and stays that way.


For every toothbrush sold, we donate $1 to a good cause.

People just like you love
Grin toothbrush.

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Bright idea: Keep the handle, recycle the brush head.

Think hygiene: Grin’s handle doesn’t roll over.

Goodbye gunk: Sleek, aluminum handle rinses clean.

Heads up: Raised brush head keeps ‘grimies’ away.

Bright white: Soft, dentist-approved bristles.

Designed for life.
Not landfill.

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Dentist Approved

“Great toothbrush. Love the feel of the bristles and they last a long time. I enjoy using my Grin more than my Oral B rechargeable toothbrush.”

Dr. Richard Rapoport, Dental Surgeon, MAGD

Did you know?

3+ billion plastic toothbrushes are disposed of every year. That’s enough to circle the earth 12 times. Get Grin and take a bite out of plastic waste.

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