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Grin: oral care on autopilot

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Life is busy. Simplify with Grin: a sleek, aluminum handle and premium toothbrush heads delivered, refreshed and replenished for life.

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Subscribe and get a premium toothbrush delivered for less than drugstore brands.

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Our friendly replacement reminders ensure you’re not brushing with old germs.

Simplify your life

Fresh brush heads arrive automatically; cross toothbrush off your list forever.


Grin is smart, sustainable oral care on autopilot.

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Get a smarter toothbrush, replacement reminders and automatic brush head refills for less than disposable drugstore brands.

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Stock up on quality oral care products. Order our eco-friendly toothbrush and premium brush heads. 


Why Grin?

We set out to design a better toothbrush and ended up reinventing oral care. 

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“As a retired Dental Hygienist I speak with confidence that this is a great product.”

“Love my Grin toothbrush. I also love that I never have to buy another toothbrush again!”

“A toothbrush that is amazing in all categories. Amazing brush with soft bristles and sturdy handle. Even a reminder to change my brush head.”

“I absolutely love this brush, handle is solid and sturdy and sleek, brush heads feel great and work great.”

”I have been using my new grin toothbrush for about two weeks and I can honestly say that it is the best toothbrush I have ever used.”