Grin toothbrush vs Plastic and Bamboo

Can I Recycle my Plastic Toothbrush?

Posted by Simon Cooper on

Great question: are plastic toothbrushes recyclable?

Unfortunately, you can’t recycle a disposable, plastic toothbrush without mailing it to a special recycling program like Terracycle.

If you try and recycle your toothbrush in your local recycling program it will get separated and sent into landfill.

Because plastic toothbrushes use multiple types of plastic they can’t be recycled without being separated. And most drugstore disposable toothbrushes have different plastic fused together which is also a problem.

Luckily, Grin Toothbrush heads can be recycled in your blue box simply by removing the nylon bristles and metal staples.

Using a pair of pliers it just takes a minute or two to pull the bristles out (the metal staples just pop out) and dispose of them.

Almost all toothbrush bristles (including Bamboo toothbrushes) are made of Nylon. Nylon can’t be recycled. The only 100% natural solution for bristles are made using sterilized boar hair.

Here’s an animation we created to show the difference between plastic, bamboo and Grin toothbrush waste:

Animation showing waste from a plastic, bamboo and Grin toothbrush

Learn more about Grin’s eco friendly toothbrushes here.

Thanks for reading. Grin on!

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