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Grin Toothbrush + the Ocean Legacy Foundation

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I'm super proud to announce that we are now sponsoring plastic pickups with the amazing folks at the Ocean Legacy Foundation!

Ocean Legacy Foundation is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization and to date they have collected over 150,000 pounds of plastic waste. 

After researching not-for-profits, we decided that Ocean Legacy Foundation was the ideal cause to donate to. My hope is that as we grow, we will be able to provide significant donations that will help further their cause. 

How it works

For every Grin toothbrush sold, we donate $1 (CAD) to the Ocean Legacy Foundation. The money goes toward helping them operate plastic pickups. For each $1 we donate, they are able to remove roughly 120 grams of plastic and debris. This is equivalent to approximately 5 disposable, plastic toothbrushes. 

For more information about the Ocean Legacy Foundation, please visit:

Ocean Legacy Foundation logo

The Ocean Legacy Foundation is a federally registered Canadian non-profit, Certificate of Incorporation number: 907885-1 | BC Society# XS-0063679


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