How to remove the bristles from a Grin replacement toothbrush head

How to Remove your Grin Replacement Toothbrush Head Bristles

Posted by Simon Cooper on

Grin toothbrush was born to reduce the amount of plastic waste from plastic disposable toothbrushes. 

By keeping our aluminum handle, you are preventing ~ 20 grams of plastic from being produced, manufactured and shipped to you.

To date, our customers have prevented over 21,850 disposable toothbrush from going into landfill (or our oceans!).

Our goal is to make Grin as sustainable as we possibly can. We are actively looking into more sustainable materials for both the brush head and the bristles. 

A large part of the problem is that municipal recycling and composting options are not nearly as effective as they could be. My hope is that more small companies like Grin start to use compostable materials. This would put pressure on government to fund better recycling and industrial composting systems. 

In the meantime, many municipal recycling programs will accept Grin brush heads once you remove the bristles. Here is a short video showing how it's done (note: it might look like it, but this is not made by the same people who made Star Wars).

Thanks for watching and for supporting Grin!

– Simon

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