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Welcome to Grin Toothbrush

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Welcome to the blog.

This is a blog about Grin, the making of, the challenges and tips on how to improve your oral care. Note: I am NOT a Dentist and don't pretend to be. Any advice you find here about dental care is either what my Dentist told me, or what I've read online. So please don’t try any at home DIY root canals based on anything I wrote. You've been warned.

The bigger idea is for this blog to be about more than toothbrushes. I hope to also write about the design of everyday objects, and how they affect us and the planet. But I'm just starting and can’t guarantee anything. Except typos and bad grammar of course.

I hope you find the blog entertaining and hopefully even funny at times. It will probably take me some time to find my voice, so bear with me if it sucks at first.

Now for the beginning.

The idea for grin came to me years ago when I was brushing my teeth (The full story is here). I realized a few things about my plastic toothbrush:

  1. Three months is too long to use one toothbrush [Link to Blog]
  2. Plastic drug store toothbrushes are crap [Link to Blog]
  3. We all have better things to do than shop for a toothbrush [Link to Blog]

Now, years later, I'm just about to manufacture the first set of toothbrushes. It’s been way more work than I anticipated. But then again, I had no idea what to anticipate when I started.

My day job is as a graphic designer, so creating grin has been a blast. Not just designing the toothbrush, but starting an ecommerce business. All in all, this has been an amazing learning process and whether grin flies or not, it's something that I’m really proud of.

Huge amounts of gratitude go to: my family, friends and those who supported the Indiegogo campaign. I tip my hat to you all good people. Couldn’t be here without you. (Now, go buy a toothbrush or ‘here’ isn’t anywhere!).

Why grin?

Grin isn’t a toothbrush. It’s an idea.

That making things purely for profit is wrong. That the word Disposable should be disposed of. That we can draw inspiration from the past—a time when Craftsmanship and Durability were the key selling features, not just Low Price.

grin is about simple things made well.

It’s a smarter, healthier and more convenient toothbrush. It’s a high quality aluminum handle and replaceable brush heads delivered right to your door.

The handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that’s anodized, not painted. The logo on the handle is laser etched, not pad printed using petroleum based inks.

The brush head uses ~85% less plastic than typical disposable toothbrushes and the bristles are made of the most biodegradable Nylon available today.

But it’s not perfect.

It’s an experiment.

The brush heads are made of recyclable plastic. This is good. But the problem is that they can only be recycled if the bristles are removed. We know that’s not ideal and we want to do better. Any ideas – send us an email.

We see grin as an open source toothbrush. If you’re a designer or engineer, a manufacturer or a smart person who can improve grin – let us know.

It’s a step in the right direction.

Each year billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in our landfills and oceans, where they’ll sit for centuries. Literally. Hundreds of years (some estimates are 500+ years but who knows as plastic hasn't been around that long).

In 1938 plastic toothbrushes hit the market and almost every single one is still on the planet somewhere. We think it’s time for change.

I hope people see the value in grin. Either way, I've done my best to make a good product that is good for planet. 

Grin on.


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