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Our Values

Posted by Simon Cooper on

This post is to let you know what we stand for and why. (I hope it doesn't turn into this.)

These days too many companies are built with one goal in mind: the bottom line. Profit is obviously key to running a successful business, but I believe companies need to be more responsible for the products they make.

Sure, I’m an idealist, but I'd love if it businesses thought about the lifecycle of their product as well as the profit margins. Plastic, drug store toothbrushes are a perfect example. Once used for a few months, they’ll sit in landfills and oceans for hundreds of years. (Note: Grin uses ~85% less plastic than toothbrushes that are completely disposable. And, I hope to move to a completely biodegradable brush head in the near future.)

The good news is that there are a ton of small businesses springing up that act more ethically. These minnows are making new products that minimize environmental impact, are fair-trade and seem to treat their employees well. (This is know as the Triple Bottom line.) 

Anyway, here is a list of our values are and how we will behave as a company.


No bullshit. We will do what we say.

For example: Although our toothbrushes are much better for the planet than disposable drug store toothbrushes, they are not the finished product. So we won’t pretend they are.

We will be truthful in how we promote Grin and honest in dealing with our customers.


Ok, ‘good’ may not be a value, but it’s the goodest word I could think of to capture a bunch of values.

Good for the Planet

I’ve already mentioned that Grin isn’t perfect, but it’s a huge improvement on the toothbrushes that are currently clogging up our landfill kind of good. (The reason for starting Grin in the first place was to make a toothbrush that reduces how much plastic ends up in landfill.) 

Good Design

During the design process for Grin, myself and the product designer, Ryan Day, looked hard at the plastic toothbrushes on the market and quickly realized that they aren’t very well designed. (More about that right over here.) 

Here’s the thing—we put our toothbrush IN OUR MOUTHS twice a day. It seems to me that they should be designed to minimize the bacteria and germs that go into our mouths along with it. So we designed a smarter, cleaner toothbrush.

Good to People

Right now, Grin is staffed by me and my wife (who helps with Social Media). But *touches wood*, hopefully we’ll grow into a company that needs employees. We will treat those people fairly.

This also goes for our customers. We will treat our customers like gold because if they support us, they are gold to us.

That’s it for now, but this post will more than likely grow as we grow up.

Thanks for reading!

Simon Cooper

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