Grin Rose Gold and Slate eco friendly subscription toothbrushes

Why choose a subscription toothbrush?

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Convenience. It’s that simple.

You can stop reading now and get back to watching Friends. 

Wait – I lied. the health of your teeth and gums will also improve if you get a Grin subscription and replace your brush head on time. You see many of us forget to change our toothbrush every 3 months (dentists recommendation). And using an old, worn out toothbrush is bad for your tooth enamel and gums. By the time the bristles have started fraying and looking like an ornamental grass, they have started to degrade and are causing micro scratches to your tooth enamel and gums.

Now the cynics will say “you only want me to subscribe because it’s more money for you!”. And that’s true. As a business, our goal is to make money. Without it we close up shop. 

But the truth is I started this company to try and chip away at the mountains of plastic waste that are caused by billions and billions of disposable, plastic toothbrushes being disposed of every year. There are so many toothbrushes thrown away each year that if you got really bored one afternoon, you could lay them end-to-end and they would circle the earth more than 12 times. 

Back to the real reason a toothbrush subscription makes sense though…

Shopping for some things can be fun. But shopping for a toothbrush? Ugh! It’s 5:24 pm. You’re tired. You’re pushing your shopping cart through a grocery store trying to GTFO and get home to have dinner and you look at your list and see: toothbrush. 

You roll over to the toothbrush aisle and are faced with roughly 100 toothbrushes that are almost all the exact same. Same price (ish). Same loud, plastic packaging, screaming the same promises of whiter teeth. All around the same price. Although there must be something better about the one that’s $8.99, right? But you don’t feel like spending 10 minutes comparing it’s screamy packaging with the $5.99 loud packaging to see what the benefits are.

You get the point. We’ve all been there and THAT is why we offer a subscription toothbrush service.

Subscribe and we send you a beautiful, aluminum handle and 5 premium brush heads. Then, we send you an email reminder every 3 months so that the next time you visit your dentist, she will say “Great job — your teeth look really good Penelope!”

If you’ve read this far then you deserve a bonus. The other great thing about getting a Grin toothbrush subscription is that if you noticed earlier I said that there are disposable toothbrushes that sell for $5.99 each? That’s the price of a toothbrush you can buy today that uses the same, high quality, tapered bristles as Grin. 

Simple math: $5.99 x 4 = $23.96. Want to know what 4 Grin toothbrush heads cost (the second year of your subscription)? $15. Including shipping. You’re saving almost $10! And, you’re saving around 80 grams of plastic from being made, manufactured, packaged and shipped. Great work Penelope. Smiles all around.

Thinking about getting a Grin Subscription toothbrush? Right this way.

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