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Why choose a subscription toothbrush?

Posted by Simon Cooper on

Subscription products are becoming popular for people who don’t want to waste time shopping for staples like razors, or toothbrushes.

Why? Subscriptions typically let you replenish products automatically, so you don’t have to waste time going to a crowded store to find and buy a mundane item like a toothbrush. Is there anything more annoying than having to stop off at the grocery store to pick up one item on your way home from work? 

That’s why we made Grin a subscription toothbrush. 

As much as we love toothbrushes and oral care, even we admit that people shouldn’t have to ever think about having a clean toothbrush on hand. You see a well-designed product is more than how nice it looks and how well it functions. Design is about the entire experience—how you buy it, receive it and interact with it. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Grin:


We know toothbrush shopping sucks. These days there are about a hundred (almost identical) models to choose from. So buying a new toothbrush means standing in a busy store trying to choose the toothbrush that best suits your needs. Not easy when they all look almost identical. 

Getting a Grin subscription saves you time and money. We send you enough brush heads to last one whole year. Every year after your initial purchase, we mail you replacement heads, so you can cross toothbrush off your list for ever. Life’s short; spend time with family and friends, not staring at a wall of toothbrushes.

Preventative Care

Dentists tell us we should replace our toothbrush every three months. But because life happens, most of us forget and end up using our toothbrush until it’s worn out and the bristles are all frazzled. 

We’re here to tell you that well before that happens, you’re bristles will start to degrade and damage your teeth and gums. Not to mention the germs and bacteria that get caught in the bristles and handle. 

So every 3 months we send you a friendly email reminder to change your brush head.

With Grin you’ll always have a toothbrush that’s in good condition, but you’ll also never be stuck brushing with old germs again.

Automation is coming

Automated shopping and subscriptions are still in their early stages. But over the next decade there will be rapid growth in these sectors as people decide to spend their most precious commodity (time) on things that make them happy.

Over time, we’ll see the technology evolve to the point where it offers an even better shopping experience.

Forget About It

Our goal is to not only make a smarter, cleaner toothbrush, but to make buying and replacing them so simple that you never have to think about it again.

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