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Beata G.

Fabulous product

Michelle C.
A total gamechanger

I've used so many different toothbrushes over the course of my life and they don't hold out the way that Grin does. Some brushes were too soft and some were too harsh. They'd work for the first few weeks but soon after, the bristles would fray off to the sides and I would throw them out before it would hit the recommended switch period (3 months).

With the Grin, the bristles aren't too soft nor harsh and it takes longer for them to fray, my teeth always feel clean after, and the handle does not grow any mold. I also love that the heads are recyclable they work with good causes. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing! I will never buy any other toothbrush besides Grin.

Carmen E.

This is a great toothbrush. I love the replaceable brush and the cool handle shades

Mel C.
Post dentist clean!

This toothbrush is surprisingly great. As a rough (debatably violent) brusher, I was skeptical the grin brush would be able to provide a clean feeling after use. I thought it would be too soft and delicate. Although the brush is soft, the clean you feel after brushing is great. You get that nice smooth, post dentist feel on your teeth. I highly recommend this brush! The handle also feels extremely comfortable and balanced in your hand. I don't think I'll be going back to my old brushes.

Kelly W.
Toothbrush upgrade!

My new toothbrush is so sheek, strong, clean and still has nice soft bristles. I really like the feel in my hand and the look in my bathroom. It feels good to never throw another toothbrush in the garbage too! Highly recommend upgrading to a Grin toothbrush.

S M.

I’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly toothbrush for years. The biggest issue I’ve found is the lack of attention to the quality of the brush for actual tooth brushing. The Grin brush gives me an excellent brush AND offers a more environmental option. I love the handle and my teeth feel great. I’m happy to recommend the Grin toothbrush to friends and family.

Brandon S.

I was curious to know whether the bristles would be too soft or too stiff. I have found that some brushes don't seem to do much when they're too soft, and others hurt my gums if they're too hard. I was very relieved when I tried out my Grin brush and the bristles are great. Clean, not painful, but still soft.

Madison S.

Grin Toothbrush

Claude B.


Noah H.
Love it!

I cannot recommend this toothbrush any more. I love how cheap it is considering it is reusable, and you’re helping the planet become cleaner. Buy it!!