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Why Grin Toothbrush?

The plastic toothbrushes you’ve always used aren’t good for the environment. They aren’t good for you either.

These toothbrushes don’t go away when you trash them. They go to landfills or the ocean, where they’ll spend centuries polluting our environment.

Yet every year, more than 3 billion toothbrushes are disposed of—weighing as much as 5,500 yellow school buses!

These wasteful toothbrushes are also harmful to your health. The little grooves between the bristles and on the handles fill up with old toothpaste and bacteria.

Still, many people use them until the bristles are frayed and the handle is coated in gunk. This unhygienic condition often leads to gum disease, which is closely linked to premature birth, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health problems.

Traditional toothbrushes also roll over the second you put them down, which can add even more bacteria to the brush head. They’re just not a great way to keep your teeth and gums clean.  

The better option is Grin.


Reinventing Oral Care

Grin is a revolutionary toothbrush that’s better for the environment, using 85% less plastic than traditional brands. And the beautifully sleek handle is made of durable aircraft grade anodized aluminum that’s resistant to germs and won’t tip over.

The replaceable brush heads have bristles made of tapered nylon that penetrates up to 17% deeper between your teeth and gums—giving you a superior cleaning.

Go Ahead and Grin

Grin makes using a fresh, clean toothbrush automatic.

Get a Grin toothbrush subscription, and we’ll automatically send you fresh heads every year. Plus, every three months, we’ll give you a reminder to refresh your brush head.

You can’t put a price on protecting the environment and your health. So give yourself peace of mind by giving your teeth and gums a welcome gift.

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