Instead of giving away disposable toothbrushes, why not add a revenue stream? 

Grin toothbrush is gaining popularity as a smart alternative to disposable toothbrushes. It’s a premium quality toothbrush that uses 85% less plastic than traditional disposables. 

Offer your customers a better alternative while adding revenue to your clinic.


  • Sleek, aluminum handle means 85% less plastic waste per toothbrush
  • Hygienic design doesn’t roll over or collect old toothpaste and bacteria
  • Replacement brush heads feature soft, "floss tip" bristles
  • Your practice name can be engraved on the handle

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Pink Grin Toothbrush with Dental Practice Name Laser Engraved into Metal Handle

A branded toothbrush they will keep for years

Engrave your practices name on the handle and your patients will be reminded of your practice twice-a-day for years. 

Branded disposable toothbrushes only last three months before being tossed in the garbage. This is not only irresponsible, but a missing opportunity to present your brand to your patient every day for years

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“A toothbrushing experience like no other.

I've been brushing with grin for 6 months now and have since retired both my bamboo brush and Sonicare Diamondclean. My teeth have never felt this clean with any manual or electric brush!

This Canadian brush blends a sleek, hygienic design with all the things you look for in an eco-conscious product. The reusable aluminum handle is weighted nicely and delivers an overall balanced grip in your hand, plus comes in a wide variety of colours. The recyclable brush head clicks in and out of the handle easily when it's time to refresh the bristles. The ultra-fine, tapered, soft bristles are gentle on my gums and give an unparalleled cleaning. I've also received tons of positive feedback from my clients who have switched to grin!

A toothbrushing experience like no other. Happy to have grin in my routine.”

– Kristen H., Registered Dental Hygienist