Meet the eco friendly toothbrush Canadians love

Rose Gold and Slate grey Grin eco friendly toothbrushes on a bathroom counter

Meet the new, eco-friendly toothbrush Canadians are loving.

Meet the new, eco-friendly toothbrush Canadians are loving.

“Every year over 3 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in our landfill and oceans. Plastic waste is a huge problem.”


That’s according to Grin Toothbrush founder, Simon Cooper. In 2016, he set out to design a new kind of toothbrush. The result is Grin—a new, eco friendly toothbrush that’s as smart as it is beautiful.


“I created Grin to reduce plastic waste, but we made so many improvements to disposable toothbrushes. Grin looks amazing, is much more hygienic and delivers better oral care,” says Simon.

“We set out to redesign the toothbrush and ended up reinventing oral care.”

The new way to be eco-friendly twice a day.


Grin has a sleek, aluminum handle and premium quality replacement brush heads made of recyclable plastic. It’s delivered (for free) to your door for the same price as disposables.


“With Grin, you keep the handle and only replace the toothbrush head. Our customers have prevented thousands of toothbrushes from ending up in landfill and our oceans,” says Simon.

Lime green Grin subscription toothbrush

Good for you.


Research shows that 42% of people forget to replace their toothbrush on time. That’s bad news—using a toothbrush for too long leads to bristle breakdown, enamel damage, and bacterial overgrowth. In fact, a frayed toothbrush holds more bacteria, which can lead to infection and gingivitis.


“Everyone is busy, so a subscription model makes complete sense. Who remembers to replace their toothbrush every three months? Not me!” Simon says.


“We mail you fresh supplies once a year and send email reminders to replace your brush head on time. Our customers love that they can forget about their toothbrush and not worry about their health.”


A Harvard Medical School article states:


“Gum disease—which begins when the sticky, bacteria-laden film known as plaque builds up around your teeth—is closely linked to premature birth, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health problems.”


A simple, cost effective and time-saving way to ensure your toothbrush is always fresh is a Grin Toothbrush Subscription.



Good for the planet.


“Our goal was to reduce the amount of plastic while providing a great brushing experience,” states Simon. “Plastic toothbrushes are brutal. Bamboo toothbrushes don’t have a very nice mouth feel and they can get slimy because they absorb moisture and dry slowly.”


“Grin uses 85% plastic than cheap disposables, but if you recycle the brush head, they really use 100% less,” Simon says. “Plus it looks so much better in your bathroom.”

“Just the right size brush that cleans the teeth and the gum line gently. And what’s more, it reduces the waste with replacement heads. Oh, and it looks so elegant!”


– Kristi C.

Minimal, beautiful design


“We explored several different design concepts,” says Simon. “We ended up with a beautiful, sustainable toothbrush that people love to show off.”


Grin’s sleek handle design is also more hygienic than drugstore toothbrushes.

“Unlike disposables, our handle doesn’t get covered in old toothpaste and bacteria. It rinses clean and dries quickly.”

“Most disposable toothbrushes roll over as soon as you put them down. You really don’t want the part that goes in your mouth touching dirty bathroom surfaces!”

Pink Grin toothbrush with some toothpaste tables on a bathroom counter
Slate grey Grin toothbrush with some toothpaste tablets on a bathroom counter
Purple Grin eco toothbrush in a cup by a bathroom sink

A New Kind of Toothbrush


“Our reviews are 90% 5-star,” says Simon. “People love Grin because it looks great and has high quality bristles that actually penetrate deeper for a better clean. Plus, our customers feel good knowing that they’re helping rid the planet of plastic.”


Grin also donates $1 from the sale of every toothbrush to a charitable organization. Each colour gives to a different cause.

“The bristles are soft and sturdy, leaving my teeth feeling clean. Gums never feel scratched or irritated like with some of the bamboo toothbrush bristles. Totally recommend!

Eva S.

11 JANUARY, 2020

“Happy with my Grin toothbrush replacements. They do a great job on my sensitive gums. And great concept of re-using the handle.”


Diana D.

30 JANUARY, 2020

“I've been using Grin toothbrushes for a good number of years and so far all I can say is it's an awesome product.”


Henry D.

9 FEBRUARY, 2020

Rose Gold Grin Subscription Toothbrush

Sold out

• 1 beautiful, aluminum handle

• 5 brush heads with soft bristles

• 4 fresh brush heads, sent annually

• Free shipping

• $1 donation to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research

• Don’t love it? Return it for a full refund

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