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Hello. As we've recently launched, we haven't been asked any questions enough to call them frequent. So we made these up. But we would love to hear from you…

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Q. My brush head is hard to remove from my handle.

A. The brush heads are meant to fit tightly into the handle. To remove them, either pull hard with your hands or use pliers if needed. Insert your new brush head by pushing it into the holes until it is tight. 


Q. What's the difference between Grin and a regular plastic toothbrush?

A. Grin is a two piece toothbrush that we deliver to you in the mail. The aluminum handle is guaranteed for life, so you only need to replace the brush heads. (One grin brush head uses ~85% less plastic than a drug store brand plastic toothbrush.)


Q. What is the handle made of? 

A. Grin’s handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum (6063-T6). Aluminum is lightweight, durable and safe to use. Because aluminum is so light, it means less energy is needed for shipping. The colour is an anodized finish, which is NOT paint or powder coating. Anodization means the colour is bonded to the metal using an electrochemical process that’s durable, corrosion-resistant and safe. 


Q. What is the brush head made of?

A. The brush heads are made of Polypropylene, which is safe for oral use and 100% recyclable. Our Nylon bristles are special tapered Nylon which feel very soft (meaning they won't damage your gums or enamel) but can penetrate deeper between your teeth than regular bristles.

We chose plastic for a few reasons: 1. because it's proven to work well, and 2. because we’re launching grin and don't have the capital to invest in developing or finding and testing a biodegradable alternative at this point. (FYI: many plastics which tout themselves as biodegradeable may be, but take a very, very long time to decompose.)

Our goal is to switch to materials that are completely biodegradable. If you can help, please send us a note to


Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Shipping is included in the prices you see with each item.


Q. Where can I buy brush heads?

A. At this stage, we are selling on our website. 


Q. Why do you claim Grin collects fewer germs?

A. Unlike drug store toothbrushes, Grin’s handle and brush heads are smooth—no ridges and grooves for ‘grip’—meaning nowhere for germs and bacteria to accumulate. Don’t believe us? Take a look at a plastic toothbrush that is a few months old. See all that white gunk in the grooves? That's a lovely mix of old toothpaste, saliva and bacteria. 

Plus, Grin is flat on the bottom so when you put it down it doesn’t roll over and expose the bristles to germs found on bathroom surfaces. 


Q. What happens if I scratch my grin handle?

Don't worry! We call that character. Because the handle is anodized, you don't have to worry about paint or chemicals, however if you find your handle has been scratched, rinse it well to make sure no aluminum chips are left on the handle or in the bristles. 

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