Grin vs Drugstore Brand Toothbrushes

How does Grin compare against drugstore brands?

You may be shocked to hear this from us, but very well. 

Cost comparison:

Cost per Brush Drugstore Brand Cost per Brush You Save

Year 1

$4 Single toothbrush $6.49* 38%
Years 2 –
Single toothbrush

* Price of a Colgate Slim Soft™ Charcoal toothbrush on May 7, 2018 at a national drug store chain. 
The Colgate Slim Soft™ uses the same style bristles as Grin; tapered bristles that are 17 times slimmer than flat-trimmed bristles (which are used for the majority of other toothbrushes).

Keep in mind there are many choices of disposable toothbrushes in most retail locations. That’s another benefit of Grin; you don’t have to waste time trying to decipher the various claims on 50 different toothbrush models that are all around the same price.

Toothbrush benefits:

 Benefit Grin Toothbrush Drugstore Brand
High quality, permanent handle Yes No
Premium quality bristles
Delivered to your door
Replacement Reminders every 3 months
Hygienic handle design Yes No
Elevated Brush Head Yes No
Designed to not roll over Yes No
Environmentally friendly design Yes No
One time order for life Yes No


Head to head – Grin all the way. Get your Grin Subscription toothbrush and start saving time and money today.

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