The grin story

A few years ago, Simon Cooper decided to make a smarter, more sustainable toothbrush. 

“Whether you're a hippie or not, throwing away the entire toothbrush makes no sense,” he said, pointing out that every year over three billion toothbrushes end up in landfill.

So in early 2015, Simon hired Ryan Day, an Industrial Designer from Toronto. Over several months they worked on grin, beginning with more complex designs and eventually simplifying to the core essence—a sleek, anodized aluminum handle and replaceable brush heads. 

“We wanted to create something that was beautiful and that people would be proud to own, maybe even show off,” Simon said. “I wanted to build a business around a good product, not a cheap product.”

“The final grin design is more hygienic and way more convenient than your standard disposable toothbrush,” he says. “Nobody enjoys buying a toothbrush, so why not have it arrive in the mail and, at the same time, remind you that it's time to replace your old one?” 

“The goal was to make a toothbrush that is really cool. The happy byproduct is that it reduces most of the plastic that ends up in landfill.”


grin will be available to purchase from the website either by subscription, or on as-needed basis. 

“In researching and designing grin, we found that the Dentist-recommended three month life span of a plastic toothbrush is actually long,” Simon notes. “My toothbrush looked pretty bad after three months of use. I think people kind of ignore them, but if you look closely at yours and think about the bacteria in a bathroom, chances are you might consider spending a bit more to have a new brush head delivered each month.”

Indigogo Campaign 

grin is launching an Indiegogo campaign in December to raise the capital required to

  • make the steel molds needed to manufacture the product
  • manufacture the initial product run
  • design and produce the product packaging
  • develop marketing campaigns

Download grin brand assets:

  • For our Press Kit (PDF), click here
  • For a high resolution grin logo, click here
  • For high resolution product photos, click here

To speak with grin’s founder, Simon Cooper, please call 416-988-6836 or email