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Grin Toothbrush Replacement Heads

love it

Grin Toothbrush
Roxanne I.
Grin is great

Love my grin, I bought one for my partner as well.

I’m surprised by how much I love this toothbrush!

The bristles are soft and fine, and they clean my teeth gently but very effectively. I don’t feel any abrasion on my gums. The Grin brush is much more effective than the electric toothbrush I was using. Since I live in a condo, “composting” bamboo toothbrushes is not an option for me. The Grin brush is exactly what I’ve been hoping for.

Super Cleaning Toothbrush

My dental hygienist noticed the difference right away, as did I.

Not only saving the planet, Grin Toothbrush is a fantastic way to clean your teeth!

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Alexis P.
Love this

I love the weight and the feeling of the bristles and it cleans better than any toothbrush I had!

Daily Grin!

The best nylon toothbrush, backed-up by good service! The specially designed brush ensures a rigourous and thorough cleaning between teeth, and ensures healthy gums.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Sue W.
Love it!

Bonus - besides helping the environment, it really is the most comfortable toothbrush to use! (I’m thinking that a subscription might be a great Christmas present for some of my family.)

Thrilled with my Grin toothbrush

I’m so happy I decided to try Grin. I often find ordinary toothbrushes too hard even when they’re labelled as soft. My Grin toothbrush is just the right softness and doesn’t feel abrasive on my teeth. The aluminum handle is really pretty and feels good in my hand and I like that it doesn’t roll over when I put it down.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Jennifer H.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Nicky J.
Very stylish,

To be honest, I didn't buy it because of saving plastic ( which of course is a great plus), I bought it for the stylish handle.
And I love it. I also have my replacement bristle heads and will get a reminder when to change them because I always forget. The quality of the product is awesome. The bristle head has a lot of bristles and works well.
I just wish they had options for soft or medium ones.
I find them a little soft but got used to it quickly.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
James B.
Very soft, comfortable

It's a really well made tooth brush. Soft, comfortable bristles.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Amanda B.

Couldn't be happier with this toothbrush. I was looking for something more sustainable, cleaner and Canadian made, and this was a terrific option. The floss bristles are so good, and what I usually bought in the store. The weight and feel of the handle is great, and I love that it doesn't roll on the counter. Such a great option to reduce plastic waste, and the cost of the subscription is pretty much equal or less than buying replacement plastic brushes in the store. The only thing that would make this better, if someday there was a brush head cover for travelling. But that would just be a bonus on an already amazing product!! Get one, you won't be disappointed!!

Grin Toothbrush
Kathryne P.
Cleanest teeth ever!

I gave it about a month after buying these toothbrushes for every member of the family to really test them out. We LOVE them! They clean better than electric toothbrushes we have used in the paste, love the weight and feel of the handle and the soft bristles, and I love the eco-friendly sustainable design. I try to support Canadian companies wherever possible and this company is so worth supporting! Keep up the great work guys!!

Great toothbrush

Love this toothbrush and the idea of making less waste.

Grin Toothbrush
Heather T.
A great toothbrush, period!

I love this toothbrush. I was a bit worried because I saw some reviews saying it was too soft, but then I saw others saying it was too firm so I figured it would be a perfect medium. Which it is! The handle is comfortable in the hand and satisfyingly heavy.
The reusability and recycling option are a bonus, this is honestly just a great toothbrush.

Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Angela M.
Perfectly soft toothbrush

I have pretty sensitive teeth and need usually an ultra soft toothbrush but grin toothbrushes are the perfect softness and work great for us. I'm so pleased to be able to help with decreasing the use of plastic waste. I like the idea that we get reminded on when we need to change heads and to receive new brushes when we're all done. Great idea 💡

Grin Toothbrush
Sebastien R.
Silky smooth

Wow! what a nice toothbrush, silky smooth bristles, firm and clean handle, perfect!

Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Mallory C.
Love it!

I love the grin brush, I wanted a sustainable solution and bamboo toothbrushes felt like I was getting slivers in my mouth, this brush is sleek and smooth and brushes really well!

Grin Subscription Toothbrush
Tina G.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush

Fabulous product

Grin Toothbrush
Michelle C.
A total gamechanger

I've used so many different toothbrushes over the course of my life and they don't hold out the way that Grin does. Some brushes were too soft and some were too harsh. They'd work for the first few weeks but soon after, the bristles would fray off to the sides and I would throw them out before it would hit the recommended switch period (3 months).

With the Grin, the bristles aren't too soft nor harsh and it takes longer for them to fray, my teeth always feel clean after, and the handle does not grow any mold. I also love that the heads are recyclable they work with good causes. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing! I will never buy any other toothbrush besides Grin.