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Love it!

I love the grin brush, I wanted a sustainable solution and bamboo toothbrushes felt like I was getting slivers in my mouth, this brush is sleek and smooth and brushes really well!

Grin Subscription Toothbrush

Fabulous product

Grin Toothbrush
Michelle C.
A total gamechanger

I've used so many different toothbrushes over the course of my life and they don't hold out the way that Grin does. Some brushes were too soft and some were too harsh. They'd work for the first few weeks but soon after, the bristles would fray off to the sides and I would throw them out before it would hit the recommended switch period (3 months).

With the Grin, the bristles aren't too soft nor harsh and it takes longer for them to fray, my teeth always feel clean after, and the handle does not grow any mold. I also love that the heads are recyclable they work with good causes. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing! I will never buy any other toothbrush besides Grin.

Best toothbrush system ever

I am not one for electric toothbrushes and I didn't like the feeling of the bamboo/wooden ones. Grin is the best solution to this! I love that I can mail back the used replacement heads and they will be recycled. If you're on the fence about trying, just do it. You've got nothing to lose.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush

I’m loving my Grin

I was tired of looking for toothbrushes in the drugstore aisles. Yes, there are so many choices but it was not a pleasant shopping experiencing for me.
I googled to find a Canadian born outfit that made toothbrushes and I found Grin. I loved that the handle was metal (aluminum) and the heads (plastic) replaceable. I am not into electric toothbrushes and have had one in the past. I found I got the best brush manually and when I tried Grin, I loved how my gums, teeth and mouth felt after brushing. It was exactly was I was looking for! I love that I can save the heads and return them to Grin knowing the plastic will be recycled into plastic pellets to be reused as something else (bottom line, not ending up in a landfill). That is important to me. I did want extra information and Grin was prompt with their response to my questions before I purchased my subscription. It’s been 5 or 6 weeks that I have been using my Grin and am quite pleased with it. One of the smartest decisions and purchases I’ve made in recent times.

Even better than I hoped!

I love my Grin toothbrush! I am tired of single use plastics and have been trying to reduce purchasing as much as I can. So when I saw Grin has a steel handle with recyclable, replaceable head I had to try it. I love that they send you an envelope to send back the heads for recycling!

I have sensitive teeth and gums and even have slightly receding gums in one spot. My dentist advised me to use extra soft bristles, and the Grin bristles are just that! Super soft, easy on my gums and I honestly have not felt like my teeth have gotten this clean from a regular toothbrush before. I also love the subscription so I don't have to worry about forgetting or running out of replacements. And a one year subscription of four toothbrush heads is still less expensive than buying four regular toothbrushes at the grocery store!

Love this toothbrush

I bought it to reduce my eco footprint - I didn’t expect to love it so much! What a great product. The brush itself is perfect - soft and springy bristles, and no sign of wear after more than a month’s use. The handle is better than any toothbrush I’ve used; it does not tip over. Love that the brush part will eventually be recycled, and that a portion of the price goes to a good cause. Very happy!

Grin Subscription Toothbrush

Grin Toothbrush
Carmen E.

This is a great toothbrush. I love the replaceable brush and the cool handle shades

Best toothbrush I’ve ever owned.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. I wanted a more eco friendly option for my toothbrush, and this was Canadian and seemed decent. I am thoroughly impressed. It’s honestly the best brushing experience I’ve ever had.

Grin Subscription Toothbrush

Great toothbrush!

I’ve been using mine for about a month now, no complaints. My Grin toothbrush checks all the boxes for me: It’s cute, a great eco alternative, affordable, good quality and local!

Post dentist clean!

This toothbrush is surprisingly great. As a rough (debatably violent) brusher, I was skeptical the grin brush would be able to provide a clean feeling after use. I thought it would be too soft and delicate. Although the brush is soft, the clean you feel after brushing is great. You get that nice smooth, post dentist feel on your teeth. I highly recommend this brush! The handle also feels extremely comfortable and balanced in your hand. I don't think I'll be going back to my old brushes.

Absolutely Amazing

I’ve loved this tooth brush so far. At first I was wary because it is on the softer side but I’ve noticed no difference from my usual toothbrushes in terms of cleanliness. The added bonus of it being eco friendly has also made me feel less wasteful.

Toothbrush upgrade!

My new toothbrush is so sheek, strong, clean and still has nice soft bristles. I really like the feel in my hand and the look in my bathroom. It feels good to never throw another toothbrush in the garbage too! Highly recommend upgrading to a Grin toothbrush.

Awesome Innovation!

Love this entire concept! Everyone needs to be responsible for cleaning up our world and this seems like a no-brainer, easy place to start! We all need to brush our teeth. This is a thing we all do several times each day and knowing there is a way to do that in an environmentally conscious way is something we should all be grateful for. Grin makes it so easy. you dont even have to try and recycle the heads yourself anymore. you literally mail them back and they take care of it! Can not recommend enough! 😁


I am totally in love with this product. Genius concept, easy system, and such a high quality product. I got the green handle and am so impressed with how nice it is. The bristles are the perfect softness as well. I’ve been recommending to all my friends and family!

A Great and Sustainable Product!

We just started using our Grin Toothbrushes and we love them! The design is fantastic and we love that they sit flat and don't roll over, getting toothpaste on the bathroom counter! The bristles are super soft and feel wonderful. I wonder if the bristles will last for a full 3 months, given how soft they are... time will tell! Thank you for making such a great and sustainable product!

Great brush

I like the feather tipped bristles.


Une brosse à dents verte de couleur verte. Douce pour les dents et l’environnement.

great quality!

my teeth have never felt cleaner and it is so great that the products are eco-friendly!!


So glad I switched