Grin Toothbrush Reviews

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These toothbrushes are amazing!

Love these brushes

We've been using grin brushes and replacement heads for a year now, and love them! It took a few days to adjust to the handle weight but they're all around great brushes. We haven't had any issues with replacing the heads, after the first time you do it's easier to know how hard to pull! The handles show no major signs of wear, and they do as good a job cleaning our teeth as any of the "fancy" drug store toothbrushes with all the features. Really pleased!


Will continue to use. They're great and I like that they can be recycled.

Good Brush Heads

I like the size and feel of these brush heads. Best earth-friendly brushes I've tried. I had a brush head that started to get loose after a few weeks of use, and so it would fall out if I brushed too vigorously, but most of them have been good.


I am enjoying my new toothbrush for a few reasons. First, love the soft bristles, second, love the weight of the handle and best of all, love how I'm contributing in a small way, to keeping toothbrushes out of the landfills!

Grin Toothbrush
Heather R.
Won't go back

This tooth brush is absolutely amazing, it's saving unnecessary plastic from hand fills and the brush heads can be recycled by sending them back to Grin :)
The handle is easy to hold and it won't tip over if I need to rest it on the counter. I actually have 2 grin tooth brushes... That's how amazing I think they are!

Grin Toothbrush

Grin Toothbrush
Katherine W.
Love this toothbrush!

Works great! Easy to set up and I think that the bristles do a great job. I hope to keep using this for a long time

Grin Toothbrush
Kathleen N.
Love it!

Very nice weight, very good quality. Won’t go back to mass produced ones again. Wonder how the brush holds up by end of 3 months, but so far so good.

I enjoyed the little hand written message, that makes it very personal. Apparently I got the last Rose brush! Thank you team!

Grin Toothbrush
Lyndsay M.
Love my Grin toothbrush!

I bought my Grin toothbrush about a month ago and its absolutely perfect! I also changed my mind about the colour I wanted after placing the order (before shipping) and they were able to change it out for me without issue. Great product and great service. Highly recommend! :)

Love it

Super stoked to find a no waste tooth brush

Surpassed Expectations

I hesitated for a long time (cost, risk of unknown) but finally bought two as Christmas gifts for me and my kid. I love my new toothbrush! I love the heft of the handle, the beautiful colour (forest), the bristles! My teeth do actually feel cleaner. It's not that this is the only toothbrush to make my teeth feel this way, but there were a lot of toothbrushes that didn't. I decided to buy these for the ethical-environmental benefits, but I am pleased that the bristles are doing a great job. I now plan to buy another one as a gift for my dad.

Grin Toothbrush
Stephanie P.

The toothbrush is comfortable, smooth, and the colours are great! The bristles are soft on the teeth too. I have the blue one and my partner has the dark green one. There's steel on our toothbrush holder so every time we take out our brushes, it sounds like swords are being drawn! It's so fun and all around a great toothbrush!


This is my second year of Grin. I enjoy the handle very much, takes some getting used to with how you hold your brush. The bristles are certainly the softest I've ever used. And it's eco-friendly, what more could you ask for!

Best Toothbrush Ever

I’ve been using these for a few years now and love them. Besides the positive environmental impact, Grin toothbrushes clean my teeth better than anything else I have tried. And they are long lasting. I highly recommend them.

Grin Toothbrush
Heather R.

toothbrush is a nice size and weight. Love the fact that the heads are recyclable.

Good Value

Will buy every year.

My favorite toothbrush

I have been using this toothbrush for almost a year and I am so happy with it. I will continue to use it as long as the heads are available.

So far so good!

I’ve been using it for about a month. I love the heft of it, and how easy it is to clean. I was worried it wouldn’t be soft enough for me but it was perfect. The brush lost a couple of bristles the first time or two, but that hasn’t happened since then.

Excellent product

These are excellent toothbrush heads I am a dental assistant and am meticulous about tooth care, and I love these.


I love this toothbrush!! My hygienist asked if I used an electric toothbrush, it’s that good! I love how eco friendly it is!

Grin Toothbrush
Suzanne T.
Love my grin toothbrush

Great toothbrush for people who crave that perfectly clean satisfying feeling after brushing. Enjoy the soft but not too soft bristles. The fact that the handle is reusable and the heads recyclable is genius.

Grin fan!

I have been using grin toothbrushes for about a year and a half and will never go back! I love their products and what they are doing to reduce waste.

Both green and good

Really love this toothbrush. The bristles are soft and comfortable but effective and the compact size makes it easy to store. I like the selection of handle colours too.

Awesome product! Less waste.

Not much to say, except this is an excellent quality toothbrush. The handle is solid and the bristles do a great job cleaning my teeth. We have had the brushes over a year and zero complaints