Grin Toothbrush Reviews

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So glad I made the switch!

I’ve been using my Grin toothbrush for a month and love it! The quality of the brush bristles is great, and the shape and weight of the handle are very ergonomic. What I like best is being able to take good care of my teeth and gums with a sustainable product instead of a disposable one. I highly recommend Grin toothbrushes!

Love it!

Love my new toothbrush! The handle stays clean and even dry somehow! I really like the bristles too

Absolutely Recommend!

I LOVE this brush. The bristles are the perfect amount of soft and the reminder emails to change the head is great. Easy to change the heads and I like that you are sent an envelope to return the heads for recycling. Amazing product!


Great toothbrush!

Love it. Has a nice weight to it. Not too heavy so you get tired from brushing your teeth. The weight gives an impression of a quality product which it is. The bristles I would say are on a medium-soft side. Personally I would prefer a soft bristle and a slightly smaller head. But great product otherwise. Bonus on the environmental responsibility side.

Happy with my purchase

I'm always looking for ways to reduce my waste, and this toothbrush feels fancy and I know it's good for the planet. I received different heads to switch out and an envelope to send the old ones back in. I haven't used this feature yet, but it looks simply enough.

I would recommend getting this.

First time

Well got my new tooth brush finally (neon pink was popular and it seemed always outta stock hahahaha) and my first use I thought it felt really skinny in my hand and the head seemed small but after using it for over a week now I can't believe how it massages my teeth and gums... aaaaand actually cuz it felt so small and fragile with soft brushes I kinda went over board and really brushed...I over did it and my gums were sore and weren't happy... funny how most brushes are quite big now days with bristles of different colors and textures you would think a small skinny head wouldn't do the job well I can say my new grin brush is awesome!!!! My teeth feel so clean and I can get into all the nooks and crannies better cuz the head is that much smaller than the bulky heads of today..... don't be fooled by the soft bristles either (recommended by dentists btw) but they really feel great and get your teeth squeaky love love 10/10!!!!!! Getting all the fam on this brush for sure!!!!
Would like to ask tho where can we get the little white toothbrush holders like in your ads?

Nice tooth

Nice toothbrush

Great brush

I’ve been searching for an eco friendly toothbrush for quite sometime. I hear bamboo ones can mould. My Grin toothbrush came quickly after ordering and I will never buy another toothbrush. I love he weight and feel of the handle and the bristles are great on my sensitive gums. I am hooked for life.

Very pleased with our subscription

Trying to cut down on waste in our family and this is such a great way to do it. These toothbrushes are very sturdy and the slightly extra length of the handle really makes it easier to reach those tricky back teeth. The reminder to replace and the fast and courteous customer service are a plus. Thanks so much!

Grin Toothbrush

The best toothbrush!

I love the colour, the feel, the design, and how well it cleans my teeth! I love this more sustainable option. It’s the best toothbrush I’ve ever used ☺️

Great toothbrush so far!

Beautiful handle and great feeling brush. My wife and I love them.


This is the third toothbrush I have purchased (for myself and family). Never going back to a regular toothbrush!

Above Expectations

Great product, feels good, looks good, and comfortable.

Best toothbrush

Very soft and amazing at cleaning, i love the metal handle.


The handle is beautiful and easy to hold, the bristles are soft and do an excellent job of cleaning your teeth. By far the softest bristles on a toothbrush I’ve ever used. The replacement heads are easy to pop in and take out. The heads can become a little bit loose as you use them and sometimes come out if you brush aggressively, but it’s so worth it for a toothbrush that can be recycled and uses less plastic!

Great purchase

Great tooth brush! The handle and weight feel really good, it’s high quality. The bristles are also quite thin, slightly mimicking flossing. I’ve been really enjoying it and love the environmental aspect of the company! :)


I'm so happy with my grin toothbrush! What a great simple way to help our planet!


Received my toothbrush today. The toothbrush itself looks great and has perfect, soft bristles that doesn't irritate my sensitive teeth. I'll be recommending to all my friends and family!


I never thought I would get excited about a toothbrush, but here I am! It's crazy how clean my mouth is! You know those tight, narrow spots between your teeth that you could only get at with floss? Not with this brush! (You should still floss, but it definitely doesn't take as long!) And because the brush head is streamlined it actually reaches your back teeth properly. I can't say enough about how great this brush is! And the price is right - I did the math, it costs pretty much the same as buying at the drugstore. And all the pretty handle colours! You could have a different color brush every month if you wanted to feel like you're living the pampered life! And it's good for the environment! I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Seriously, buy this toothbrush, you won't regret it.

Absolutely in love

I ordered 3 toothbrushes for myself, my husband, and my sister and I’m absolutely in love with the design and function of them. Not only am I always looking for ways to reduce my waste, I am also the daughter of a dentist and so have been brought up to pay extra close attention to my dental hygiene products. Thank you for the amazing product you’ve created.

Love this brush!

Very pleased with this toothbrush. Bristles are soft and feathery and I love the handle. The color is beautiful. Very affordable brush and even better that it is environmentally friendly. I am a dental hygienist and very impressed with this brush.

Clean teeth without the waste

I love that this toothbrush is eco-friendly and will last a long time! The handle is a great weight, super durable and I love that the heads can be sent back to be commercially recycled.