Grin Landing Pg Dec-18 v2

Photo of a Rosy Grin toothbrush

The last toothbrush you’ll ever buy…

And the best toothbrush you’ve ever owned.


Sleek aluminum handle. Premium toothbrush heads. Replacement reminders. Automatic refills. All delivered to your door for less than $20 a year. You deserve a Grin.

Rethink how you brush

Better hygiene

Grin’s sleek aluminum handle doesn’t roll over or collect toothpaste and bacteria. You’ll love our premium bristles.

Replacement reminders

Our replacement reminders help prevent gum disease by ensuring you always have a fresh toothbrush.

Feel good

Grin uses 85% less plastic than disposable toothbrushes. That’s worth grinning about.

9 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year. Is your toothbrush part of the problem? Grin uses 85% LESS plastic than traditional, disposable toothbrushes.

How it works


We mail you our anodized aluminum handle and 5 replacement brush heads (change your brush head every 3 months plus one spare).

Brush smarter

Your dentist, your teeth and your gums will all love our tapered bristles and replacement reminders.


Next year we send 4 new Grin replacement brush heads right to your door – never shop for a toothbrush again.

“As a retired Dental Hygienist I speak with confidence that this is a great product.”


“After using for a week I immediately ordered another for my husband. It is so easy to delay changing your usual toothbrush, but having the replacement heads on hand encourages regular changes which aids oral and general health.”


“This is a fantastic toothbrush. The bristles are just right. I like the weight and feel of it.”