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Here’s what people are saying about their Grin toothbrush:


Most of you know I don't recommend things lightly. I have to have tried them out before giving a thumbs up.

I give this many thumbs up! I met Simon through the Innovation Factory entrepreneur's program. Not only is he a great guy but he's made a fabulous product. Back in June, I made the decision to buy his Grin Brush. It is awesome!

No more feeling guilty over throwing away toothbrushes. No more wasting huge amounts of plastic. The brush head works very well and the handle feels amazing. I'm now switching my whole family on to the Grin Brush and saying woohoo to keeping one more thing from damaging the environment!

– Elizabeth

We love our Grin toothbrushes. Thank you!!

– Tessa


I love my new Grin toothbrush. Perfectly weighted in your hand and soft but durable bristles. As a retired Dental Hygienist I speak with confidence that this is a great product. After using for a week I immediately ordered another for my husband. It is so easy to delay changing your usual toothbrush, but having the replacement heads on hand encourages regular changes which aids oral and general health.
– Liz

I absolutely LOVE my grin tooth brush! This awesome brush leaves your teeth feeling dentist clean! And the price is amazing! On top of that it’s also eco friendly so your actually doing something good for the world just by brushing your teeth. Join the team and get yourself a grin brush!

– Candace

A toothbrush that is amazing in all categories. Amazing brush with soft bristles and sturdy handle. Monthly reminder to change my brush head. Finally, saving the planet by disposing of less plastic. What's not to love about this toothbrush! Thank you so much GRIN! Can't tell you how happy I am with this brush!

– Andrew

I love my new toothbrush. It feels amazing to hold and the bristles feel great to brush with - much better than any drugstore toothbrush. In addition the price is cheaper than drugstore brands and it uses less plastic. I love love love this new concept!!!

– Elizabeth

I absolutely love this brush, handle is solid and sturdy and sleek, brush heads feel great and work great. I can't recommend this enough, it checks all the boxes!

– Richard

This is a fantastic toothbrush. The bristles are just right. I like the weight and feel of it. The design is great and looks like it will not fall apart from regular use anytime soon. The fact that so much less goes into the garbage through the course of the year when toothbrushes need replacing is an added bonus.

– Henry D

I have been delighted with my GRIN - a great design, very pleasant to use with gentle bristles, and a very secure head. And then it feels good to make my small contribution to the planet... Congrats to the GRIN team!

– Michael E

Yes, we have to do something serious about all the waste plastic contaminating our globe. This brush is an important forward step in that regard. Not only that, it is an excellent brush: sturdy and solid, well constructed and finished, nice balanced feel and great brush head design with the best bristles. I went to my dental hygienist today and got a very good review. Congratulations. 

– Alan

Best tooth brush EVER!!! I have been using my new grin toothbrush for about two weeks and I can honestly say that it is the best toothbrush I have ever used. I love the sleek, aluminum bright coloured handle and the incredibly soft bristles are amazing - no more sore gums for me! I highly recommend this toothbrush!! Thank you Grin!!!

– Jenny C
If you object to obsolescence, plastic and waste and if you value good design, good quality, good performance and durability, grin is the toothbrush for you and yours (family and friends). The beautiful handle is long and sleek and very comfortable in the hand. It has the feel of permanence. The brush head, with a longer neck than ordinary tooth brushes, reaches easily and gently into harder to reach spaces. This is the toothbrush we now feel good about using, every time and know that we will for many years. Well done!

– Diane

Awesome toothbrush. I love that I never have to buy another plastic toothbrush again. Shipping was great and I love the reminders to replace my toothbrush head!

– Katy

Love the toothbrush. It’s a toothbrush I don’t mind leaving out in the bathroom haha!  It looks good and feels good to hold (which is not something I ever thought about before for a toothbrush). Love the handle and the fact that I don’t have to replace it.

– Megan

I was gonna reach out to you to let you know how much I am enjoying the toothbrush and how it one of the better purchases I’ve made in the past few years love the performance about to purchase one for my wife I think what drew me to it was the clean lines of product. It's simplicity. The fact that I’m not blowing through cheap plastic ones. Brussels are nice and soft. Love that it is designed in Canada. I am highly recommending to my friends and family.

– Graham 

I love my Grin Toothbrush!  Honestly, I like it just the way it is. I purchased one because it's more environmentally friendly than traditional toothbrushes and because I like to support local and start up businesses.  I especially like the fact that the handle is smooth and doesn't get gummed up with toothpaste and it's easy to wipe down.  The brush head is super soft and does a great job at cleaning my teeth.

– Kristie