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Grin Subscription Toothbrush – Blue

Grin Subscription Toothbrush – Blue

$25.00 CAD

You deserve a better toothbrush and the gift of never having to think about it again. Upgrade to our beautiful handle and premium brush heads. We’ll remind you to replace your brush head on time and send you fresh refills next year. Happy teeth. Happy planet.

What you get:

  • 1 aluminum handle – rinses clean, never rolls over
  • 5 brush heads with soft, dentist-approved bristles
  • 4 fresh brush heads, sent annually
  • Free shipping
  • $1 donation to Ocean Legacy Foundation
  • Don’t love it? Return it for a full refund.

”Today’s perfect toothbrush! Just the right size brush that cleans the teeth and the gum line gently. And what’s more, it reduces the waste with replacement heads. Oh, and it looks so elegant!”

– Kristi C.


Brush for Good

For every Blue Grin sold, we donate $1 to the Ocean Legacy Foundation, who remove 120 grams of plastic and debris from our oceans (the weight of 5 disposables).

We stand by our toothbrush. If you’re not completely satisfied with your first order, return it within 30 days along with your purchase receipt and we’ll refund your money.