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Simply awesome!

This is the perfect toothbrush shape/handle/length/texture everything in a low waste package and recyclble head. AMaZINg!

Second brush and going to three

Managed to introduce concept to my wife after testing my brush. Now my daughter wants one too!

Best Toothbrush Ever!!

I was discouraged searching for a good quality bamboo toothbrush made in Canada to reduce the environmental impact of the plastic brushes when Serendipity led me to the Grin website! What a fantastic idea and design! From the soft, effective bristles, recyclable brush and anodized handle to the replacement head program and charitable donation per purchase, this is a class act!! But most importantly, my teeth feel cleaner than they have been in a long time and with much less effort.


I am very happy with my new Grin toothbrush, it works really well and is always easy to clean after. The fact that I don't have to throw my handle away ever is one of the best things about it. It is great to feel good about not adding to the world's waste. Thank you!

Love it!

I love this toothbrush - the weight of it is very comfortable for brushing, and my gums feel better than they have with any other toothbrush.

I like it

The toothbrush feels nice.

I love that they are including a return letter for your old toothbrush heads and that they are taking care of recycling them. This is exactly how you don’t waste material!!

Love my Grin toothbrush!

I’ve been using my Grin toothbrush for over one month now and I love it! The bristles are soft and fine enough to get under the gum line and clean my teeth much better than my previous toothbrushes. I’m so glad that I ordered the Grin toothbrush. Plus I don’t have to remember to buy a new toothbrush since I have all the heads for the year and I will be mailed new heads next year. They even remind their customers to change the head every three months. 😁

All the Feels

My husband and I had been looking for an eco friendly tooth brush for a while when we stumbled across Grin. The company mission and the product description were what we wanted and we are thrilled with the purchase. The toothbrushes look beautiful, feel great - in hand and on teeth, and the waste is zero (when the brush head is mailed in). We tell everyone about Grin and look forward to when children's brushes may one day be available.

Wish I got a Grin Toothbrush sooner!

This toothbrush is absolutely amazing! The bristles are soft, but yet firm enough that I feel I'm getting a good cleaning in. I love the fact that the heads can be recycled.

The perfect toothbrush

I love the weight of the handle, and the brush head is soft and cleans my teeth thoroughly. I am a dental assistant, and know what a good toothbrush should be. This is one of the best I have ever used.