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Really great toothbrush!

It's been over a month now and I'm completely sold on the Grin toothbrush. I have been using bamboo brushes for the last two years in an effort to reduce my plastic waste, but the porous material starts to smell so quickly and I was getting desperate for an alternative. Enter The Grin toothbrush. It has a nice weight, great bristles for a thorough clean, and no smell with long-term use. Easy to swap and recycle, and the subscription option means never forgetting to replace my toothbrush head. Big fan, and extra happy to buy Canadian!

They're great

Really well made, feel great in the hand and great bristles. Recommend.

As expected, glad I purchased

It's a toothbrush....a well made plastic eliminating toothbrush. Love the hand feel, hope they make custom stands for them


This is the third grin toothbrush we have purchased! Now 3 people in our household use grin and every single one of us LOVES it!! I normally use a medium toothbrush, but my grin toothbrush is perfect! I replace my heads every month, which is about how often I replaced my toothbrushes anyway! My other half always used a soft or extra soft brush and he absolutely loves his as well! He sticks closer to the 3 month schedule as he is gentler than I am!


Grin Toothbrush

Quality toothbrush

Heavy handle feels great. Bristles on brush work great. Wife and I love these brushes. Even if they were not eco friendly I'd buy these.

Great toothbrush!

I bought Grin toothbrushes for my family this year, and we all love them! The bristles are soft and comfortable and the toothbrushes look chic. It takes some getting used to the straight design of the handle - without grips, my fingers move towards my mouth while brushing. Worth it though to support a local company, and to not have to discard toothbrushes every few months. Highly recommend.

Great toothbrush.

The toothbrush bristles are soft, and so their job. The whole thing is quite fancy looking. I am really excited about not having to throw an entire brush out every few months. This was a great purchase.


Grin Toothbrush

Look good, feel good, do good - Highly recommend

I highly recommend Grin! You just gotta try it!

Look good - As a design student, I look for a product that is pleasant to look at and to use. The aesthetic is definitely on point. I love the green colour and the matte finish.

Feel good - I'm glad to change from plastic to Grin to save the environment. And of course, to donate a dollar to the non-profit organisation associated with my toothbrush! Do it for the future of your babies' babies.

Do good - For years, I have been searching for the perfect manual toothbrush because I don't really like electric ones. However, none of them are actually soft enough. Until I found Grin. The quality is amazing as advertised. The brush is extremely soft and the handle is durable.

I had some doubts at first because Grin seems like a small company. They don't have that many likes on Facebook so I was afraid this might be a scam. However, I received my product super quick and so far I'm beyond happy with my toothbrush.