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Gabrielle L.

Grin Toothbrush

Eric B.
My Favourite Toothbrush

Nice soft bristles, and nicely shaped handle with a good weight to it which makes it feel like it is much higher quality than other brushes I have used. I have never been so stoked on a non-electric tooth brush!

Isabelle K.
It's great!

Love the toothbrush, it's so comfortable to hold. The bristles feel super nice and the colour of the handle is perfect. So happy I purchased one of these toothbrushes, it'll be nice to tell the dentist not to give me a plastic one the next time I'm in!

Michael H.
Grin Review

Great quality brush, good bristles, love my new tooth brush.

Graham B.
Love the soft bristles!

I've been using soft toothbrushes for years, but have never had one this soft right out of the box. The flat handle with no angle between the handle and head takes a couple days to get used to, but it's design keeps you from brushing too hard. Overall great toothbrush!

great brush!

I was pleasantly surprised with the bristles, I normally don't like soft bristles but I adjusted to these ones pretty quick!
A good feeling in your hand - nice and sturdy!
Only complaint is that sometimes my toothpaste residue gets into the gap connecting the brush head and handle

Justine B.

The feeling is really nice! Definitely prefer those over bamboo toothbrush!

Brad P.

Grin Toothbrush

Kasia R.
My Grin makes me smile!!

I *love* this brush!! I bought one for myself and one for my husband and we are both Grin-ing! I liked the eco-focus but was worried the quality of the brush would be compromised for a cool "gadget" - boy was I wrong!! The quality of the bristles is excellent - the bristles are soft but the shape allows for a truly superior clean. The weight of the handle adds comfort, and the shape brilliantly prevents rolling on countertops and sink edges. AND eco-friendly with an easy recycling program, and it's beautiful - and who says that about a toothbrush? I honestly cannot say enough good things, I didn't think I could like a toothbrush so much - well thought out and expertly executed! My experience with customer service couldn't have been easier or more pleasant. Seriously, am I gushing yet? Very impressed and would most highly recommend in literally every aspect.

Glad I tried this toothbrush!

This is the first toothbrush with replaceable heads I've tried, and I'm enjoying it so far. The bristles are my favourite kind - firm enough to not splay quickly, but very soft on the gums. I like the fact that the company will take back the heads for recycling as well. The handle has a nice weight to it, and is not at all slippery to hold when brushing. I ordered the brush handle in Arctic (for myself) and the brush handle in Forest for my husband. The Forest colour a bit darker than I expected, but the aesthetics of both were very pleasing.