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Mark D.
Mostly happy!

Pros: solid handle, easy to keep clean, soft bristles, easy to manipulate brush, great return/recycle concept, easy to remove/replace brush head, happy to participate and not buy another TB in my life.
Cons: minor, but none-the-less irritating, grip could actually be too heavy for some (chronic tendonitis sufferer), the replaceable brush does snap snugly into place but with a little too vigorous use can become slightly wiggly. This is only a problem for me because that tiny wiggle space snags moustache and beard whiskers (ouch!). SO, go easy. Problem solved on using replacement head and learning not to brush too hard (which one shouldn't do anyways...). This minor complaint does not come close to countering all the Pros above.

Hi Mark – thank you do much for the review and feedback! We'll take it into consideration.

Brianna M.
Love it!

Can’t say how much I love this brush, I love the way it feels in my hand and the brush it’s self is soft but firm enough to deep clean. I got the green colour it’s so sleek. Hope to get more colours in the future

Karol T.

I am so happy with my Grin toothbrush! I was worried the bristles might not be good, but they are perfect and the idea that I am creating no waste feels so good:) so proud of this company!

Brandon P.

This is the best toothbrush I’ve ever used. The bristles are so soft! My dental hygienist has commented on how clean my teeth have been since I’ve started using Grin.

Karen L.
So glad I signed up

The handles are more comfortable to hold than the plastic ones. And the handle colour choices make it fun. The brush is soft & knowing I am helping save the planet made this an easy decision. Wins all around.

Amanda M.

They will be nice useful Christmas presents for like minded friends.

Meagen B.

Grin Toothbrush

Julien D.
Beyond expectation

The brush is so comfortable, I'm now looking forward to brushing my teeth. The head also last very long. It's perfect!

laura w.
Best toothbrush

I love everything about this toothbrush. The first thing I noticed, was the weight and smoothness of the handle; it is sturdy and aim sure long lasting.
The bristles are soft, which means they clean your teeth, without hurting the gum line. And the fact that Grin takes the brush head back for recycling is the icing on the cake. It’s truly the best toothbrush out there.

Michelle L.
Better than expected

This toothbrush is better than I expected. I bought it to make myself feel better about my long term habits, and I thought it would be like any other toothbrush. I was wrong.

The handle is amazing. It's just the right weight and the right size.

The replaceable head is the real surprise, though. The bristles are soft, but they are also thin, so they really get under the gums. The first few days, I actually has that fresh from the dentist pain in the gums. I quickly got used to it, and I feel like it cleans better than ordinary toothbrush.

Overall, this is a real 5 on 5. I'm never going back to a disposable toothbrush again.