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Improved dental health

My dental health has improved since I started using my grin toothbrush. Thanks! 😊

Sturdy handle, firm brush

Most eco-friendly toothbrushs I've tried have bristles that are too soft, but not you guys! The handle is solid and the brush is the perfect firmness. I just love it!

Love the toothbrush!

Love what Grin Toothbrush is and what it stands for. The handles are very comfortable to hold, and have a great weight to them. The head that's currently in the handle keeps loosening a little bit, and has since the day we got it, typically when in use. Unsure whether it's a problem in the head or the handle, but I've only had the toothbrush for a short while and haven't switched the head yet to check (don't want the current head to go to waste if it is an error there.) My partner is having a similar issue after a few weeks of use. Otherwise, bristles are soft and fairly standard! Overall a good toothbrush though!

New toothbrush!

Just switched over and it’s really great! The head is bigger than I’m used to but I’ve gotten used to that quickly and it’s fine now. Great quality and even looks cute which is a plus!

Great product

Great initiative on creating this and taking care of the recycling aspect. Bristles are soft and feel great on the gums. Handle was a bit cold when I first used it but easy to adjust to.


Grin Toothbrush

True to its name, it makes me Grin!!

I am always looking for ways to lessen my negative impact on our beautiful planet and this toothbrush is perfect for doing just that!! It is beautifully designed with a wonderful rainbow of colours to choose from. (It was hard to decide, which is partially why I have 3!) The system of returning the used portion solves the dilema of "where facilities are available" and puts my mind at ease. The available travel case is not only handy, but delightful in design, too. The brush heads do a great job. The fact that a donation is made to impactful charities is the cherry on top! I love my Grin toothbrushes and highly recommend them to everyone!!

Love it

I love them and even my skeptical husband does too. I have tried to switch to bamboo toothbrushes in the past but my husband hated them. I will continue to support them in the future.

Ding ding ding! It's a winner!

Love this brush along with what the company is doing. My only cons are that there is only one style of head which may be a bit of a deterrent to some and that it may be a challenge to replace the head if you have grip strength issues and no one to assist with the task. Otherwise... awesome brush that I think people should try out if you're looking for a manual brush. As long as this company continues doing what it's doing, I will continue using it!

You need this!

I got this toothbrush about a month ago and it’s the best, I love it. I’m never going back to another toothbrush. Go get this now.