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Niki M.
Happy Customer

I am so pleased with my purchase of these elegantly and thoughtfully designed toothbrushes! I bought them for the obvious eco benefits, but they actually work (and look!) better than other toothbrushes we’ve tried too. Thank you so much, Grin. :)

Melissa R.
Awesome product!

I love the feel of the brush in my hands and the bristles on my teeth. They’re not too hard or soft but are just right! The colours of the handles are great too and seem very durable and will last a long time. So far, couldn’t have asked for better!

Finally made the switch…

Found out about Grin some time ago, but waited until we had used the last of our disposable toothbrushes before buying.

So glad we switched! The grin brush is sleek, quality-built, with excellent bristles (no really - these are so good!), and it’s so practical since it lays flat and lasts forever.

Say goodbye to your plastic brushes, people. Buy the last toothbrush you’ll ever need!

Thanks Grin!

Best switch ever

I purchased this in hopes of finding a better toothbrush. Was I ever surprised. This is so soft and sleek. The concept is amazing and I look forward to my next purchases. You will thank yourself that you made the switch. The bristles are soft but sturdy and knowing these are being recycled makes me feel better about purchasing

Vivian N.

I bought this toothbrush just to be sustainable but I actually really like it! The bristles are soft but the tips are just stiff enough that I feel really clean. The design is so cute and simple which suits my bathroom look perfectly. I'm going to get one for my bf too when he sleeps over. The regular toothbrushes are so ugly to me now lol

Love this brush!

I've never been an electric toothbrush person but hated buying plastic toothbrushes...I'd spend a ton on biodegradable ones and then use them waaaaay too long. I'm so glad to have discovered Grin! The brush heads are a bit stiff to start but softened up after a few uses. The handles are awesome — The weight makes it feel quality and is somehow super comfortable to hold, plus having the head not touch the counter is a bonus I love more than expected. I'm excited to give my boyfriend his and can't wait to be able to mail back the used heads knowing they'll be recycled.

Shirley S.
Excellent Toothbrush

The “grin” toothbrush is great. It does an excellent job of cleaning and is gentle on the gums. I have given them to family members and even recommended it to my dental hygienist. I really like the fact that it is environmentally friendly and is keeping disposable plastic out of landfills

Mireille U.
Simply perfect

Simply perfect, I couldn't be happy with my purchase! The brush heads are soft, the handle is convenient and pretty. :)

Amaya J.

i bought two (green and arctic blue) since they were having a great sale. I kept one for myself and gave the other to my mom. We both love the handle's heft which gives the brush as a whole a feeling of luxury. It's also a nice feature to not have the brush head not touch the counter. It's something that I never kept in mind when buying toothbrushes in the past but it's now something I can't live without. I was slightly concerned that the soft bristles wouldn't get my teeth clean enough considering the price point but on the contrary, my teeth have never felt cleaner and it's quite easy to find a sale.

I don't think I'll ever buy a different toothbrush. Now I just hope that they make a lavender or navy coloured one!

Love love love Grin!

I now have 3 of these tooth brushes - just for myself lol

I keep one as a travel, one at the office and one at home because my dental hygiene is important while also being environmentally aware.

The Grin team surpass all customer service expectations and I truly appreciate their return and recycle program for the used brush heads. Not to mention their processing and shipping of orders are quick.

The brush heads are soft and aid in keeping my teeth clean and healthy. :)