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Love this product!

I have been using the Grin toothbrush and heads for a year now. I absolutely love it! I love that they send me reminders to change the head and I love the metallic purple on my toothbrush!

Highly recommend

Lorraine M.
Love love love!

Absolutely love having a new brush head every 3 months - an no more heading to the store for an entirely new toothbrush. My dentist and dental hygienist comment that my teeth look great.

Julie H.
Small package, big environmental impact

I couldn’t be happier with my toothbrush and the replacement heads. I always know which toothbrush is mine in the bathroom, I never have to analyze 50 types of toothbrushes and brands at the pharmacy when I need a new brush and I always have a replacement head in my bathroom and an email reminder for when it needs to be replaced. Of all the emails I get from companies, this is my favourite because it’s personalized to me.

I’m a pretty happy client!

Janet J.
Still loving our GRINs after over a year

From the first time my husband and I used our Grin brushes we were amazed at how clean our teeth felt. Love the product, the company (mission, ethics etc.), the head-change reminders, the auto-ship option.

Karen L.
Fabulous product

There are not enough superlatives to describe this toothbrush. The handles are so stylish, the heads are such excellent quality. Grin makes the perfect toothbrush.

Great Eco-conscious swap

Very happy I made the swap to Grin. I immediately recommended it to my friends & some switched over!
Along with the fact its an eco-conscious business, the toothbrush itself is fantastic quality and affordable.
Bristles are soft yet durable, the handle comes in a variety of colours & is easy to swap out heads. I use the subscription service and the emails reminding me to swap to a new head is so handy! I also like that the recycling facility for the brush heads is close by.
Every time I use the brush I'm happily reminded to continue making environmental choices and I'm not contributing to the plastics in landfills, even if it is just a small toothbrush. The free ones I get from the dentist I either decline or donate.

Danielle S.

First off, the reminders for changing the heads have changed my life. That may sound overly dramatic, but I am absolutely terrible at remembering to do that. Super soft bristles that don’t miss a spot and my sensitive teeth are appreciative. Great that I can send back the heads for recycling. Overall, it is a great toothbrush and I am glad I stumbled upon it.

Nancy L.

We continue to be very pleased with our Grin toothbrushes and the replacement heads. Recently our son and his partner ordered brushes as well and are also very happy with the brushes and the environmentally friendly philosophy behind them.

Karen C.
Love everything!

I've been using the toothbrush for about a year now and I love it. I find they're not too soft and not too firm. I like being able to replace the brush head whenever I need to and appreciate the reminders. I feel good about being able to return the used ones for recycling.

Caroline L.
Everything's perfect!

We use Grin toothbrushes since more than a year now and still love it!